Using third party apps to record workouts with Apple Watch
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I am new to using an Apple Watch to record my outdoor walks, and I'm used to third party apps (Nike Run Club mostly) for tracking & motivation. Now I'm confused as to if I should just use watch apps for workouts, or keep using my iPhone. I don't have Bluetooth earphones so I need my iPhone for music.

I do have a Series 3 watch with GPS so when I get some Bluetooth earphones (on my xmas wishlist) I will just leave my iPhone at home, but for now I'm very confused. Yesterday I went for a walk and started a workout on the Nike Run Club app on my iPhone, expecting it to automatically sync with my watch & show my workout there, but that didn't happen. I ended up using the watch Nike Run Club app instead because I prefer to look at my watch than my iPhone.

I have tried Googling but I can't find a simple answer to "If I have Nike Run Club on both my iPhone and my Apple Watch, which app do I use to record my workout?" The closest explanation I have found is actually via Strava here who state: "To support the GPS in the Apple Watch Series 2, we redesigned the recording experience to work separately from the phone. This meant that we could no longer support the way the phone app and the watch app previously connected. Even if your watch still uses the GPS from the phone, the recording experience is the same as with the Series 2: the app functions independently on the watch." I take this to mean that I'd have the same experience with Strava, RunKeeper, or any other third party workout app: I can start a workout on my iPhone, but it won't connect to the corresponding app on the Apple Watch. So if I want to have a display of my workout on my Apple Watch, I'm best off sticking to the watch apps and ignoring the iPhone apps. Is my assumption correct?

I have used the built-in Apple Workouts Apple Watch app, which I like, but I have a long history with Nike Run Club (as I had an iPod nano with a Nike shoe sensor, ages ago) and I've grown to enjoy the cheesy motivational speeches from athletes at the end of a workout.
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Best answer: For Nike Run Club, my understanding is that if you start the workout from the watch, you don't see it on the app during the workout (I think), and you get the sound out of the watch. If you start it from the phone, you see it on both. They both get recorded to the app and health app though.

(this is on my series 2)
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Response by poster: Thanks for your answer motdiem2. I tried starting a workout from my iPhone in Nike Run Club today and yes, this time it did sync to my watch display and send the audio cues to my earphones. So thank you for resolving my question!
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