What kind of tree plant is this, and is it safe for cats?
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A neighbor left this plant in the freecycle area and hey, free plant. I just need to ID it to make sure it’s non-toxic for cats. (And if it is safe, care tips would be great.) I’m in SoCal if that’s helps.
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Best answer: Looks like a pointsettia to me.
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Best answer: That looks like a very sad poinsettia. Somewhat poisonous to pets.
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Best answer: Poinsettia, kept as a house plant. They lose their colored leaves, and get leggy, as the pic you shared shows. Apparently they are not deadly poisonous to cats, but will cause digestive upset, vomiting/ diarrhea.
Put in a sunny window, and keep it well watered. They will wilt terribly when they go dry, and are great for people who like to water! You can prune the branches to make it fill out and get bushier.

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Response by poster: Ah, well, that’s a little too Christmas-y for me. I’m also horrible at watering plants so I guess I’ll put this back and just get another succulent. Thanks.
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