Seeking: Turkey roll in Toronto
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I'd like to buy a turkey roll from a good butcher this Christmas. Ideally it would have stuffing in it, but without is fine. Do you eat tasty turkey rolls at Christmas? Where do you buy 'em?

I do not like supermarket or Butterball turkey rolls (too salty and yucky).

I'm in the GTA (East or Midtown).

Please answer, Toronto turkey roll eaters. My mother is driving me insane. Just today she has asked me about Christmas turkey eight times. It is not even December yet. Help.
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No solid suggestions but hopefully a couple of leads....Fiesta Farms (near DuPont and Christie) used to do a nice turducken roll but I moved away a couple years ago, so you'd have to call to see if it's still being done. The Healthy Butcher (Queen and Bathurst) website is under construction but it might also be worth giving them a call - I bought a bunch of different things from them this past summer for dinner parties and everything was a big hit.
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I've been recommended Butcher & Son, which is a few blocks from where I need to be, so I'll be going with them. :)
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