Best Christmas Cakes in Toronto?
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I'm looking for places in Toronto, preferably downtown or midtown, to buy a selection of small quantities of Christmas Cake.

My inlaws do a Secret Santa for Christmas. I am buying for my father-in-law this year and I'm told he is a big fan of Christmas Cake. I am considering buying a selection of types, but this necessitates buying in small quantities. I want to get really good Christmas Cake. The places I've thought of going so far are St Lawrence Market (on Saturday), Evergreen Brickworks, Distillery Christmas Market and Pusateri's. Is there somewhere that you know of, that is awesome, that I should check out?

I thought about making some, but it's a bit late, I haven't made it since I was a teenager and I grew up in non-drinking household so I only have a vague idea how to make the boozy kind people seem to expect.

I don't have a long shopping list for gift giving, so I have a reasonable amount of time to dedicate to this.
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I have a friend in Toronto who does homemade Trinidadian Black Cake- it is boozy and delicious, dense and flavourful. It contains a lot of dried fruit but that fruit has been macerating in rum and cherry brandy for weeks (or longer), so it's mellow and soft and rich and just delectable... almost fudgy. An 8-inch cake is about $40, and she might sell half-cakes if you ask nicely (it's a long prep time for the fruit and a lot of booze- this price is competitive).

She makes & sells it out of her house (Leslieville area), and requests that you pick up in mid-December. It's a nice homestyle delicacy that you can't get many other places, and her kitchen is very clean and trustworthy. She also sells Trini eggnog and pastelles. If this is of interest to you or anyone reading this, PM me and I will share her email!
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