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Where do you get your NYC local news now that Gothamist and DNAinfo are gone?

This question is pretty self-explanatory, I think. I'm having a hard time finding good sources for local news. The Times barely covers the city, I can't stomach the tabloids or other outlets aimed at Trump voters, and most of the neighborhood blogs (at least for my neighborhood) rarely go beyond bars, restaurants, and real estate. I'm looking for stuff that's a little more substantive. Specific subject matter is fine (e.g. NYC Streetsblog for transit and biking), as are print-only sources.
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I used to watch NY1 every morning for stuff like this but I haven't been able to stomach it since the election, as seeing trumps disgusting face even briefly is extremely nauseating.
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gotham gazette for city (and by extension, state) politics
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Kinda tough to replicate what DNAInfo was. I can do without Gothamist.

Patch is kinda like DNAInfo; I've been using this one a lot

NY Daily News - still exists

Village Voice - more longform content

NY Times - NY Region
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Oh the direct NYC Patch section is Here
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Time Out NY shows up in my FB feed in place of where Gothamist used to be. They're doing a pretty good job, although it's obviously more entertainment-based. But there's a fair bit of news stuff in there, too.
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God, DNAinfo Chicago was absolutely irreplaceable. Big city, tons of crap
happening here all the time (although, of course, nothing as culturally significant
as what happens in NY ... :) ), and not covered by anybody. Goddammed libertarian publisher.
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NY1 when I remember I have tv, but mostly channel 25 (which is amazing/archaic things like building hearings and debates and stuff; it's but in tv format which is awesome and weird.)
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Bklyner is not bad for Brooklyn news, though I think it used to be better. Maybe obvious but the Village Voice's coverage is still excellent though it's now online only. (And Streetsblog, which you mentioned, is my favorite. Long live Streetsblog!)
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The NYC subreddit is also useful.
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NY Daily News - still exists

Yeah, I was gonna say, the NY Daily News is a tabloid, but hardly aimed at Tr**p supporters.
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It may be that your neighborhood still has a hyperlocal blog like EVGrieve or West Side Rag or that one for the Bowery.
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