Rugby shirt with slim fit
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I'm looking for a long-sleeve, horizontal-stripe rugby shirt to fit a tall, slim gent.

(Slim is also referred to as tapered sometimes in this realm). Higher quality like Eddie Bauer, Brooks Brothers, International Laundry preferred. I'm coming up empty. Can you point me in the right direction?

Also prefer no logos, so that rules out, for example Ralph Lauren.
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Everybody loved the Lands' End rugby shirts I got them for Christmas.
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Lands' End does make a great rugby, but I'm not at all slim, and they fit a little baggy on me. I personally like that, but if you're a skinny dude, you may find them too big.

I have some rugby shirts from Target's new Goodfellow & Co line that are a little slimmer (especially in the arms), but they may not be the quality you're looking for. And their colors are limited.
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