Screen dark on Dell Laptop
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I recently got a new computer at work. When I first got it, the display was noticeably dim. For some reason, this self resolved - I did nothing but it became brighter. This morning, I have the same problem. Help?

Of note:

I have an external monitor and sometimes use a projector. The screens are dark/dim on both the laptop, and the external monitor or projector image. The problem is not resolved by disconnecting the laptop from the monitor or projector.

I have tried messing with the settings under Control Panel/Display/Adjust Brightness (it's on max brightness).

This is a Dell Latitude 7280 notebook.

I imagine this is something dumb and simple but what can I say, I'm middle aged.
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Power saving mode? Is it plugged in? Even if it is, it might still have somehow be using the profile to dim the screen (ask me how I know this can happen).
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It is plugged in and charging now. I changed my "Power Options" to "Dim the display - Never", but still the problem persists.
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I doubt it's power saving mode, since it affects external displays. You might check the display calibration, though; it's possible that, for some reason, it's selecting a profile that is calibrated poorly.
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Cool, any suggestions are helpful. Can you tell me how to check that "display calibration" and what I might adjust it to?
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Is adaptive brightness on?
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It looks like Dell may make it hard to actually get at that setting.
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Hmm, of course I don't have administrator permissions to install update so that I can change adaptive brightness setting, but I think this is the right track!!
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Try looking at the BIOS settings. My XPS has a setting for adaptive brightness there that I guess just deactivates the light sensor or somehing independent of the actual OS used.
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Oh, and when you're fiddling around, it's a good time to check the Dell Support page for your laptop and see if there's a new BIOS update. You can dowload and put the .EXE on a USB drive and when you're poking around the BIOS anyway, might as well do the BIOS update if one's available.
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You can at least try to pin it on that setting by locating the sensor on the device and hitting it with a flashlight/covering it to see if it responds to the stimulus in a way that's consistent with what you've been experiencing.
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Thanks for the help. My IT person showed up eventually and I told them about the patch/update. Not sure if that is how they fixed it but it is now fixed.
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