Pornhub but... nicer?
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Is there a Pornhub-like site that is a bit nicer in the presentation? Details of what I'm looking for inside. (probably nothing in this question is going to be SFW)

Like a lot of people, I like to occasionally get my porn on. The most logical place to do this is at Pornhub, but I'm really tired of all the "He gives it to his slutty stepsister!" crap and animations of anatomically-impossible people getting slammed all over the place.

I like the variety of places like Pornhub, so I'm after more of a portal than a single-use site. I understand the proper thing to do is to find a site I like and support it with a subscription but, well, that's not what I want to do. I also understand porn sites are often shady and can't really attract too many legit advertisers.

I'm mostly into straight and bi porn, but I don't care if there's gay porn mixed in. I do like variety, from mainstream to kink. I'd prefer it be... respectful? I guess that's my issue with Pornhub is that it's really degrading. I know porn is often like that but it doesn't have to be.

So... pornhub but not so awful. Does it exist?
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With the caveat that I am not much of a porn viewer, there are a number of porn curation sites that may work well for you, e.g. Reddit's r/chicflixxx ("A place for Pro-Porn women to share links to great sexual content and discuss porn"). The content is still going to be hosted on the typical sites like pornhub, but someone else is going through the trouble of filtering out the worst of it.

There are also paid sites that have the less-gross focus you are looking for, if you are open to paying.
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Search Tumblr for any particular, um, thing you are looking for. Chances are, it's somewhere there. There won't be full movies, though, as Tumblr enforces a 5-minute max on video clips.
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I don't know an alternative to pornhub but if you just want to clean it up, here are some ideas.
To get rid of the animations/autoplay videos (on any site):

Chrome - download this extension. Go to chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy and set it to "Document user activation is required."
Firefox - type about:config in the address bar. Set image.animation_mode to none and set media.autoplay.enabled to false

To get rid of elements of the page (e.g. the column of related videos), I use the AdBlock Plus addon/extension. If you tinker with it, you can set it to display nothing but the video and menu bar. Here's what I see (no nsfw images).

Also try going to the recommended video page - it should be geared towards things you've watched before and not the things that squick you out.
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Try Bellesa. Seems to be a beautifully curated site with lovely descriptions of the video content. I would highly recommend it.

It is currently being endorsed by Holly Randall on her Unfiltered podcast - something else I enthusiastically recommend listening to.
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