Gummy Bears as Good as Vitamin Gummies
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I don't buy vitamin gummies anymore because I will over eat them simply because of their taste and texture. What is a conventional gummy product that is equivalent?

Why are vitamin gummies to tasty? I can eat near ∞ of them, until i remember that i probably shouldn't put that much iron and calcium in body in once time.

I've had generic vit. gummies from costsco and walmart and they taste pretty similar and pretty much superior to every single gummy bear, worm, or other gummy shape.
Not too sweet, just springy enough and doesn't get into my cavities.

How can I fill this gap in my life?
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Brach's gum drops, spice drops or orange slices?
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Squish Gummies is a new-ish Canadian brand that makes really flavourful, delicious gummies that are good because of the taste, not just the sugar and chewiness.
I usually don't really like gummies- but these are FANTASTIC. I took some to a party and people freaked out. The Strawberry Brains are my favourites so far... and there's a giant sampler pack. They have free shipping right now for Cyber Weekend- maybe worth a try!
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I find Life Savers gummies to have similar texture/spring/mouthfeel to many vitamin gummies. A bit softer, less sticky than e.g. Haribo stuff. They have lots of different flavors, I'd go with mixed berry first, ymmv.
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I like Kasugai gummies myself.
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Have you tried the suggestions in this thread?
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Wine gums! And no, they have nothing to do with wine. They're slightly firmer than your typical gummy bears or fruit gum type candies, way more like the texture of the gummy vitamins I've had.
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Albanese gummies: fruit slice
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Mmmm my reward for going to bed each night is a melatonin gummie. I can't over eat because then I would pass out in the middle of the day
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I don't know what vitamin gummies taste like, but I can tell you that the gummies sold as World's Best Gummies are, in fact, the tastiest gummy anything I've ever had in my life. Looks like you can get the brand on Amazon, and I've seen them in nicer bulk candy shops, too.
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If your gummy vitamins are like my gummy vitamins, I think you want something more like a fruit snack than a gummy bear.

These Annies aren't quite as firm, but they're so good.
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Yeah, Kasugai. Your local Japanese grocery store (and Amazon) will have them. You can't go wrong with any of the flavors, but if you're in doubt, start with peach.
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I agree with raspberrE that you might be looking for a pectin-based gummy bear rather than a gelatin-based one. If the Annie's fruit snacks are close but not quite slippery enough, try to find some vegan pectin gummy bears like these and see if they work.
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2nding the life saver gummys...also they are available almost everywhere
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Seconding Malla. Albanese gummies are the best and most perfect gummy candies ever created.
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Have you had Pate de Fruits? They're not gummies, but they are jellies. They're firm but have none of that gummy bounceback that makes gummy candy so chewy, and they have an intense, bright, delicious fruit flavor. I think I know the texture that you like about gummy vitamins, and Pate de Fruits are my luxury candy indulgence. They can be found in lots of places, but I'm partial to the Trader Joe's ones, which aren't too expensive and I can find them locally. You can find them at many fancy shops and chocolatiers, too.
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After seeing this question, I was pretty certain I had an answer for you, but I wanted to be sure. Today I went to the store and bought a packet of YumEarth Pomegranate Gummy Bears and did a (thorough) taste-test. I can confidently state that these are extremely similar to vitamin gummies in both taste and texture -- they're springy/bouncy and they taste good yet a little weird, just like the vitamin stuff.
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Last week, I got some Life Savers from walmart, which were not bad, as a easy to get mass market product.

This weekend though, I got a mega-pack of Welch's fruit snacks at costco for $10, and omg it is exactly what the doctor ordered. (it has vitamin C, too!)

Thanks for all the info, and the deluxe suggestions, though i will be keeping it cheap for now.
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