Birthday wrong in wills etc. Florida.
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Well, this holiday season my folks gave me all of their paperwork. Will, living will, etc. etc. etc. Yay. But ...

I am the one who's holding the stick. That's fine. Except, They got my birthday wrong. By one day and one year.

Do they have to get everything signed and redone again? Or some kind of rider to make it less painful to fix (printing all 40+ pages and get notarized in duplicate ...)

Took us several years to get this far ...

Florida, simple estate, adult children with no divisions among us of divisiveness.
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call the lawyer that drew it up, scriber's error, should be a non-issue IANYL
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It might not need any action at all. The point of including birth dates is to clarify the identity of the intended recipient, and that does not appear to be a concern here. Although I am not a Florida lawyer, I doubt that this would affect its validity. You could have them sign a separate paper that reflect that they understand that an erroneous date was included.

An error like this might be used in some cases to challenge the validity of the will if it suggests that the parent had a fading memory, but there is very seldom a challenge like this made if the will does what the normal will does - "to my spouse, otherwise to my children in equal shares."
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