Help me do just a little bit of exercise
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I'm on the lookout for an exercise DVD to replace my yoga one. Most likely pilates based but open to suggestions.

I really liked my Shiva Rea yoga DVD but after seeing a physiotherapist this year I've gone off yoga-apparently I am hypermobile so all that stretching is not doing me much good. I'd like to focus on strength training, especially core strength. I'd like a DVD because with two little kids I'm not going to go regularly enough to warrant a class, but I'd rather not YouTube it because that doesn't really get me in the right mindset, if you can imagine what I mean.

So: dvd (or anything on Netflix?) that does good exercise classes with not too much cardio and some amount of warm fuzzy woo-ness as a bonus?

I'm in Australia but happy to order from o/s.
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Instead of a DVD, I recommend you check out PilatesAnytime. It has a Roku app to get it on your TV, or just use a laptop or whatever. I've used it for a while... The price is reasonable and there are a lot of different options so you don't get bored doing the same exact routine over and over (or if there's one you like you can do it over and over).

If you're new to Pilates though definitely try to get yourself to an in person class a few times, the way you hold your body is really specific and it's good to have someone to teach you how to do that.
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You've got to check out Mommastrong. Fifteen minutes a day, former dancer who taught Pilates for ten years and has a expert-level understanding of mom bodies. She's a kickass single mom who does the daily workout in her pajamas with a dog's butt in her face or her kid interrupting her or whatever. It's Real Real. Funny, smart, feminist, and focused, and includes multiple levels so you don't have to jump straight into some HIIT thing. It costs a whopping $2 a month. And the FB group is kickass.
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