Old School Broadway Duets for Men
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A friend of mine an I are thinking of singing showtunes at local farmer's markets. We are looking for male duets from Broadway musicals from the 30's, 40's and 50's.... Some examples. "Brush Up Your Shakespeare" from Kiss Me Kate "Guys And Dolls" from Guys and Dolls. Show stoppers from recent show also may work Also, male/female duets would work if they are relationship songs Example "Always True To You In My Fashion" from Kiss Me Kate. Some trio's can also transfer well. Thanks in advance
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It Would Have Been Wonderful from A Little Night Music
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(Sorry, that’s from the 70s, my mistake. Still a good number though.)
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Does "Moses supposes" from "Singin in the Rain" count?
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Agony from Into The Woods!
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Also see this Broadway World forum post
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"Dear Theodosia" from Hamilton, if you're looking for something contemporary.

Singing in the Rain also has "Fit as a Fiddle and Ready for Love."
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Another contemporary suggestion: "You're Timeless to Me," from Hairspray.
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Well, Did You Evah?
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For relationship duets the first ones that come to mind are "Friendship" from Anything Goes and "Anything You Can Do" from Annie Get Your Gun.
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In newer shows, Devil Take The Hindmost from Phantom of the Opera: Love Never Dies. Show's plot makes no sense, but some of the music is good.

And I can't believe no-one's mentioned Confrontation yet.
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In an infrequently produced, lesser known play by Stephen Sondheim about an enormous (and true) real estate scam pulled off in Boca Raton in the 20s, Road Show, there appears a love song between two men, called The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened. I'd provide a link but my mobile device is acting up. It's a lovely song, and I think it is the only love song between two men in a Broadway musical that isn't specifically about homosexuality (Such as La Cage Aux Folles or Priscilla, etc)
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The All 'er Nothing duet from Oklahoma is a favorite, or given the venue perhaps some reworking of The Farmer and the Cowman would be appropriate, if not quite as much fun.

Some others that jumped to mind aside from those already mentioned:
A Couple of Swells
What a Swell Party This Is
Let's Call the Whole Thing Off
The Babbitt and the Bromide
Abba Dabba Honeymoon

Sadly, the current political situation might make The Country's In the Very Best of (Tiny) Hands unworkable with its both sides are screwy attitude.
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It's from a bit later, but I've always loved singing All for the Best from Godspell. Great duet for talent shows, catchy tune.
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Together, Wherever We Go from Gypsy.
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You're The Tops.
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Any of the Wallace and Davis duets that appear in White Christmas?
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Fugue for Tinhorns from Guys and Dolls is catchier than Guys and Dolls IMHO.
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Friendship by Cole Porter is also catchy, though I don't remember which show it's from.
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Heart, from Damn Yankees
You could do A Lot of Livin to Do from Bye Bye Birdie with just men, maybe skipping a verse
Fiorello has a few: Little Tin Box and Politics and Poker, though they're very specific to the show
You Did It, from My Fair Lady, again very specific, or better yet, A Little Bit of Luck or Get Me to the Church on Time, just trading verses
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Also, not old school, but Sorry/Grateful from Company is lovely.
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It might be too intense for a relaxing day at the farmer's market, but a passionate version of The Confrontation from Les Mis nearly always is something to behold.
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Are you guys strictly hetero? Because I would love to hear 2 dudes sing "Take Him" from Pal Joey.

Title song from Guys and Dolls

There is Nothing Like A Dame, South Pacific

"This Can't Be Love" from The Boys From Syracuse (Rodgers and Hart)
(originally m/f, but reworkable as 2 friends discussing love troubles)

"New York, New York" from Bernstein's On The Town
(originally a trio, but works fine for two, omitting the interstitial dialogue-y bits)

"I Hope That Something Better Comes Along" from The Muppet Movie
(not old, but sounds like it)

And seconding You're The Top (Porter, Anything Goes) and "It's All For The Best" (Godspell)
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"Friendship" is Porter from Anything Goes, and is originally a trio, but would work fine for a duo.
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Impossible from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.
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"Pretty Women" from Sweeney Todd.

Also from Sweeney Todd, I would work up "Priest," which is written for male/female duet, but could easily be performed as male/male.
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