Which (if any) Android music players respect sort-order metadata?
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The ID3v2 standard has tags for sort-order titles, album titles, and performer names (TSOT, TSOA, and TSOP). How do I get android media players to use these?

I've just furnished my music library with really detailed metadata, courtesy mostly of MusicBrainz Picard, so now my music files include not only the standard informational tags but also the ID3v2 frames TSOT, TSOA, and TSOP for sortable title, album, and performer names (the former two pretty much exclusively for non-Roman-script purposes; the third for everything from non-Roman alphabets to band names with articles to artists with first and last names to orthographic oddballs).

The built-in Android media storage, AFAICT, completely ignores these tags. Many media players which use their own separate media database also don't seem to make use of them. Up 'til now I've used PlayerPro (which uses the Android standard mediastore), and I've looked at Rocket Player and GoneMad Media Player, but unless they're hiding the option somewhere clever, they seem to ignore these tags too. Is there a good media player for Android whose browse windows (by artist, album, and song) sort according to the sort-order tags?
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