How to watch the Psych movie?
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I don't understand how modern TV works. Kid BlahLaLa is desperate to watch the Psych movie coming up next week, but we don't have the USA Network, satellite or cable. We do have: broadcast TV, internet, Roku, iTunes, Amazon, a willingness to spend a reasonable amount of money. Is there a way to do it?

Not interested in pirating or any other sketchy thing.

I see that the USA Network's website streams some episodes, but when it prompts you to sign in it requires your cable subscriber information, so that's out.

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A Sling subscription would probably work. It's streaming cable.
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I was also gonna say Sling... You can use a 7-day free trial.

Or ask around for friends that are interested and have cable whose house you can invite yourself to.

It will probably be streaming somewhere eventually, but who knows where or when.
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Since you’re willing to pay, it will almost definitely be available on Amazon within a day or two of broadcast. They seem to carry most current tv shows, for a charge.
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I’m not sure if the movie will be available on iTunes and Amazon right away. Your best bet is Sling TV or the other competitors:
Hulu Live TV
YouTube Live TV
Directv Now

They all have USA on their basic package and cost around $35 a month. Looks like standard 7-day free trials. Remember to cancel right away if you don’t want to pay for a month.
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Sorry, I forgot to tell you how to use any of those Live TV services. They should all have a Roku app. I’m not sure which works the best - I’m going to guess YouTube but it may be worth reading a few reviews to see what people say about streaming quality. You will also be able to watch on a phone or tablet app if you prefer that.
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You can “borrow”a friends cable sign in to watch the USA’s website.
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We paid to watch it from Amazon a week after it aired. Thanks!
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