Sensitive teeth
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Please recommend magical toothpastes 'n' mouthwashes to desensitize sensitive teeth.

Bonus points if you can ID a product I think I remember reading about on here- approved in Europe but not in America, and available on Amazon.... something with an active ingredient even more effective than the potassium nitrate in Sensodyne.
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Something from this thread?
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You want Sensodyne sold in the UK. You're specifically looking for the ingredient "novamin."
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I used MI Paste from my dentist, which I put in a clear plastic retainer/mold for a specified amount of time each night.

It helped a lot with my sensitivity. A lot. I continue to use sensodyne tooth paste but haven’t needed to return to the MI Paste.
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Someone on the Cool Tools blog recently recommended Livionex Dental Gel. Amazon pointed me at LIVFRESH Dental Gel as a newer version and that seems to be working for me. I'm mostly through first tube and first checkup since starting is in a couple of weeks but everything feels okay. No sensitivity or anything since I started. Was using US Sensodyne before that and have no knowledge of novamin.
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The Sensodyne with novamin is sold in Canada too, if that is any easier for you. It's labelled Sensodyne Repair & Protect.
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Sensodyne works. Also good - charcoal tooth whiteners. I use one called smart ash and I've noticed a big change in my sensitivity.
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Absolutely get an extra soft toothbrush and brush very gently; it's not about applying lots of pressure, it's about the length of time spent brushing and brushing well. I bought 'CORAL LLC Coral White Toothpaste Mint Flavor 6 Ounce Tube' (check the ingredients for any allergies) years ago on Amazon to "remineralize" when my teeth were acting up and being touchy. I did see an improvement. I also stopped drinking tea and coffee and started drinking my smoothies from a straw. Rinsing with baking soda and water after eating/drinking will also help to neutralize any acidity in the mouth and should help the teeth from getting worse, just make sure you don't swallow it or have an allergy to it. Diet plays a huge role in this issue, I would focus on that. Also no whitening treatments! I had the worst sensitivity when I was using white strips.
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