Name this cancelled TV show.
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I have a friend that's trying to remember the name of a TV show from a few years ago that Fox cancelled abruptly. It was a drama about a family that had moved into a fire station and was having financial problems trying to rebuild it.

Sorry, that's all I was given to go on. I checked the pages for the 2000s but I couldn't find anything that sounded like it.
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I'm not sure what the show is but found this list of cancelled shows
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For some reason this made me think of "Brotherly Love", which starred a total of three Lawrence brothers. They lived upstairs from the garage they owned, the place looked kind of like a firehouse; and they weren't doing all that great financially, though I don't think they were trying to rebuild the place.
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Did they also fight Ghosts?
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Not much to work with. I've never seen it, but see if any of these jog some memories :

"413 Hope St."
"Get Real"
"Kate Brasher"

All cancelled Fox shows that I don't know anything about from that time perioid. Grabbed it from powersearch.
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A little birdie told me the answer was "Thunder Alley" starring Edward Norton and the Osment twins.
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Osment twins? Haley Joel's just one kid...

And I thought Thunder Alley was with Ed Asner... but I don't remember if it was a fire station or like a bowling alley or something ("alley"). says it's an auto body shop. Tell your birdie to look harder, like I'm about to.
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I found a Fox show called "L.A. Firefighters", that aired in the mid 90's...

(Swiping from IMDb..)

"L.A. Firefighters" (1996)" follows the lives of the members of Fire Co. 132, in Los Angeles County, California. Jarrod Emick stars as Jack Malloy, 132's fire captain who has recently had many difficult decisions to make, on and off the job. Co-starring is Christine Elise, who plays Firefighter Erin Coffey, a Battalion Chief's daughter. She can't stand how her overbearing father made sure that she was assigned to "his" firehouse. He never wanted his "little girl" to be a firefighter and is always trying to undermine her every step of the way.

Doesn't cover the financial difficulty aspect, tho...
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I think "Get Real" is probably it. Skimming through some of the TWoP recaps, looks like the father of the family buys a firehouse with the intention of rebuilding it and turning it into a restaurant, rather than the family actually moving into it, but otherwise it seems pretty close to what you describe. And it was cancelled abruptly -- I saw mention that the final couple episodes were supplanted in favor of showing the Party of Five finale.
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