Fitting a table into a nook
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We have a nook in our kitchen (diagram) for a table. We currently have a 40x40 square which doesn't allow us to eat comfortably. Any recommendations on shape and size of table that would be the best fit? Round, square, rectangle? Needs to seat two relatively compact people. Bar/pub height not an option due to ceilings.
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I think I'd probably custom make something for something like that - maybe try to find where you'd both like to sit in the nook area, and then work out how to make a surface around that?
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Two thoughts - could you get a long, skinny desk to fit in the space, so it left space on either side? Or, alternatively, could you do something 24"x70" as a chair height bar with two seats facing the window?
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I think you should look for a round table, and specifically a "small round drop leaf table". A drop leaf table will give you the option to put one side up against a wall, but will still have you and your partner sitting across from each other and not side by side. This link from Apartment Therapy has many options for small space dining tables.
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If it was me, I'd take advantage of the two larger walls and build a corner booth similar to this - you can maximize the amount of seating along the wall and avoid a huge table/myriad of chairs that will make it hard to get in/out.
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An L-shaped bench plus a table was going to be my suggestion as well.
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For a similar situation, we cut a round-ended rectangle tabletop shape, got some legs made for it out of metal and had them put fittings on the ends for screw in rubber wheeled locking swivel casters. Now we have a table to eat at or roll out for a work island or additional seating. Drop-leaf is maybe a great option too depending on how the space feels.
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