Replacement box?
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Is there someplace I can go to get a replacement box for the dvd box set I purchased?

I purchased a few dvd box sets used and found out that the plastic on the inside had be cracked and broken pretty badly. It's a Simpsons box set, the type that folds out. I was just wondering if anyone had any idea where I might be able to go to buy a replacement box.
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why not use a jewel case?
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For this type of thing I'd probably go to the place I purchased it. Trying to get in touch with the publisher / manufacturer is going to be a way bigger hassle, IMHO.
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I had a box set of Cosmos that got waterlogged. (Long story). We called the company and eventually got a hold of someone who would let us buy a replacement, but it wasn't cheap. I just went to jewel cases.
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I would just go to jewel cases. I had this experience with several seasons of Buffy on DVD - I think the plastic in those fold-out cases tend to break often, but they keep shipping them that way because they look cool.
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Oh, oops... i didn't see "used" in the OP!
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Hey j - what season is it (or is there more than one)? There is a free replacement for the Season 6 Homer Head box which can be redeemed using the smart-ass (admirabley so) slip in the box. Shipping is $2.50 and it takes 6-8 weeks. Oops update - there is even a smartass website: SimpsonsBox. This might take care of one of em - you can pull out the plastic flipbook and re-use.
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Thanks, clarkie! I've been procrastinating on that replacement box for a while now, but with the website, bam!

Personally, I don't like to store my DVDs in a hollowed out human head. But maybe I would if they'd started out in that style.
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