Facebook, let me decide if content should be translated
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Is there a way to tell Facebook, "no matter what the language is, never translate it automatically?"

Up until a few weeks ago, content on Facebook that was in languages I don't speak offered a link offering to translate it. That's fine; sometimes I used it, sometimes I didn't.

Now, some posts get automatically translated to German. For me, this is far worse, because I initially read poorly-translated German before establishing, by a 'see original' link at the bottom of the post, that it's not someone trying to write in German, but rather a machine translation of another language entirely.

I can specify individual languages that Facebook shouldn't translate, but is there a way, other than specifying every remotely plausible language, to say 'none of them', so that I see the original language, know what it was, then choose to translate it or not?
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I'm on a mobile phone right now so I can't confirm, but this may be a feature in the browser add-on FB Purity. It has a lot of abilities to tweak the Facebook experience.
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