Brick and Mortar store for Bralet
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What is a good store in Seattle that sells quality undergarments? Specifically bralets? Less heteronormative, more body positive the better. Preferably in the city.
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Hmm, this is an interesting question because bralets are not really something you associate with 'quality' -- like, their selling point seems is that they don't actually do anything (slate).

As for body positivity and non-heteronormativity: one way to achieve this is by going to Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, etc. -- low-touch stores where clothes for all genders are sold and staff members aren't paid enough to give a damn who's trying on what. I don't know of any specialty lingerie stores that cater to non-traditional wearers.
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Title 9 Sports sells no-frills bralettes; the staff at their Green Lake store (7000 Woodlawn Ave NE) get good reviews on Yelp for being friendly, knowledgeable and happy to answer questions.

FYI: I can't vouch for the bricks and mortar experience, as I live in the Atlantic Northeast and have never visited the PNW. That said, I'm a satisfied repeat mail order customer of Title 9 (including sports bras, tho they have everyday bras too).
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I've been to the Title 9 Store near Greenlake to buy bras and it was fine; it wasn't a entirely thoughtless-comment-free experience but it was better than any department store bra shopping experience I've had, and I will probably go back next time I'm in the market for that kind of bra. I'm a straight cis woman and don't have any body issues worth mentioning, so take my recommendation with many grains of salt.
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Oh, I had a look around today, and GAP has a TON of lacy bralettes on sale, upstairs to the left, in the same nook as the women's activewear.
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