Non-commercial food/excercise/weight tracker?
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Is there a non-commercial food/exercise/weight tracker i.e. run by a university or other research institution rather than a corporation?

I recently started using a food/exercise/weight tracker, and I know they are collecting tons of data about me. This morning it occurred to me that in aggregate, they have tons of data about how much weight Americans gained over Thanksgiving. Then I realized that they also have tons of data (albeit self-reported) about diet, exercise, and weight in general. Is there a way for me to enter my info into a database where it would be used for more good than just to make money i.e. are there any food/weight/exercise trackers (web based and/or iPhone app) run by a university or other research institution?
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There's No app, but the mobile view is very usable on a phone.
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I like the app BiteSnap. It was self-contained and it did not invade my phone or social media or anything. I don't think I had to provide an email or make an account, it's just a plain old boring great app.

Very user friendly, customizable, easy to use. I really really like it for what it does.
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