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What are some good MOOCs for non-coders? Snowflakes inside.

I'm realising that a) I miss being in school and b) my education was not as extensive, or detailed, as I'd like, and I'm hoping that MOOCs can fill some of the gaps.

As mentioned above, I'm really not interested in coding, but I like new technologies and would be happy to learn about them. Ditto science. History not so much, as I'm trying to focus on subjects that will be useful to my work as a translator - so basically, science, tech, economics/policy, maybe sociology or psychology or European history. Free is great, but I'd be willing to pony up for a couple of really good courses every year.

MOOCs in French (complex is fine) and Spanish (simple, por favor) would also be great.

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The Teaching Company. I’ve been a big fan since they sold the courses on tape. I’m not sure how their online courses work, but their courses on CD were expensive, but always heavily discounted a few time a year. They have a lot of different courses, and their quality, in my experience, was always superb.
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I don't have any specific courses to recommend for your interests but for French MOOCs you want to look at
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