How do I stop my LG smart TV from turning off my PS4?
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I've adjusted every setting and yet every time I turn off my LG smart TV it abruptly cuts the power to my PS4 and it won't even turn on until the TV has been on for several seconds. What is going on? Details inside.

I have HDMI link turned off on my PS4. I have Simplink turned off on my TV. I've even tried disconnecting the HDMI before turning off the TV. Yet every time I press the power button on my TV remote, it immediately turns off my PS4. This is obnoxious for a couple reasons: I like to keep my PS4 in sleep mode so it can still receive updates and, if I don't go through the painful process of disconnecting my external HDD and then waiting approximately 30 seconds for my PS4 to fully power down before shutting off my TV, the next time I turn on my PS4 I get an error message saying it was not shut down properly and I have to go through a repairing process. Once it even corrupted my HDD and I had to format it and redownload everything!

Please help.
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Best answer: Wait, so just to confirm, even when there is no cable at all between the PS4 and the TV,when you turn off the TV then it powers down the PS4? That is... confusing, because I'm pretty sure there's no IR sensor on the PS4 itself. Are they plugged into the same power outlet?
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Response by poster: Well, that was fast and now I feel dumb. I didn't realize the power strip I'm using had the outlets set up in groups so if you turn one thing off, the other devices plugged into the same group would shut off, too. There is an "Always On" group.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I didn't even know this was a thing.
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Best answer: I, uh, take full credit for diagnosing that. Totally. No doubt. I definitely knew that that was the problem.

Glad it works now!
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