Clearwater Beach activities?
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My esteemed mother-in-law is headed down to Clearwater Beach, Florida from late January to the end of February to avoid the Massachusetts winter and would really like to find some activities to occupy herself while there. Anyone know of any good beginner art classes, nature classes, short-term volunteer opportunities in food banks or the like, anything else that could help her feel like she was using her time well?
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Just to note that whatever activities she pursues she would do well to be on the lookout for ties to scientology, which halfway-runs Clearwater.
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Honestly, the Scientology isn't that prevalent once you leave the downtown area. You run into it, or followers, now and then, but having lived in the area for years, no, it doesn't turn up on every street corner. Now far right supporters, those advertise themselves more prominently, but even that is pretty muted, considering.

I would suggest, check out art classes in Dunedin or St. Pete. St. Pete especially is very cute and civically minded. Just have patience with navigating the streets down there.
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Send her these links -

It's a very nice compendium, updated daily, of the things to do in the area, including Clearwater Beach.
Welcome to my corner of the world!
Hope she has fun!
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The beach things are the chief things to do. Also golf, if they golf, there's lots of golf.

I would definitely take the ferry out to Caladesi Island, something I do from time to time even as a Clearwater native. 9 out of 10 chance some dolphins will follow you there and play around in the boat's wake.

The Weeki Wachee mermaid show is legit fun.

The Oldsmar Flea Market is an endless place to buy all the weird things!

The Dali Museum in St. Pete is worth the trip.

I don't know what the schedules are for these things but Tampa-St. Pete-Clearwater is basically the epicenter of spring training baseball games, so if that's going on, you can catch a lot of baseball games.

You aren't really going to notice the Scientologists or get involved with them as a beach-going tourist. I wouldn't worry about it at all. Heck, heading to downtown Clearwater to people-watch the Scientologists is one of the first things I do with out-of-towners when we're on the way to the beach.
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The Clearwater library has some fun programs she can hook into.
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