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What do you recommend for creation of HTML emails - newsletters for example? Not something that's too constrained by preset templates (e.g. MailChimp), but something that still helps you create responsive emails that will work in most clients. I've got Dreamweaver but I don't really feel confident in using it. Windows preferred.
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There may be a good turnkey approach with a friendly interface that someone else can recommend, but if you're willing to write some HTML code, there's this tutorial: Creating a Responsive HTML Email. There's a 7 day free trial if you're new (doesn't include access to exercise files), but you may be able to get completely free access via your local library's site. The code is very simple, if repetitive, as you'll be using lots of old-timey HTML tables. You can use the code view in Dreamweaver or a simple text editor.
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Litmus. Please do not use Dreamweaver for emails. The html needed for a good email is different from the html for a web page.
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MailChimp is completely customizable. You're not limited to a set of templates at all.
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If you don't mind getting your hands dirty with non-WYSIWYG coding, I've used MJML for generating email HTML on a project, with good results. Depending on how deep down the rabbit hole you want to go, you can even write your own components for it, assuming you're comfortable with JSX/React (though you don't need to know much about either to use the built-in components). I'd also recommend at least testing your email with Litmus so that you have a good idea of what it'll look like in various email clients.
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This "Markdown to Responsive HTML Email" was featured on Hacker News some time ago (discussion here -- turns out it was years ago).

Markdown is pretty easy to learn, so I feel like it might be worth a try?
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Professional Email Marketing Person here:

MailChimp's drag-and-drop editor is very good, and builds responsive emails. You can do a lot with it. It's really the best option if you're not willing or able to get your hands dirty with code.

I can get my hands dirty with code, but I've been doing stuff with a responsive drag-and-drop editor on a different Email Marketing Platform, and honestly, I prefer it.
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I already use MailChimp and I do like it but find it a bit restrictive. So perhaps I just don't know everything that can be done with it. So can anyone recommend a great guide to getting the most out of MailChimp?
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KateViolet: MailChimp has a huge resources page at that's worth your time. There's also a great Email Design Guide that can help.
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