Looking for a recording of a specific WW2 news broadcast
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I'm putting together the sound effects for a play and the script calls for the following to be heard on the radio. I believe it is taken from a real news broadcast and there's lots of recordings of them on archive.org, YouTube etc. but I can't find the one with this specific section.

The text is:
There is no question of compulsory evacuation of school children, but it is highly desirable from the point of view of their own safety that as many as possible of these children should be evacuated at an eary date. We ask parents to play their part and help the authorities. The move is to start next Sunday.

Googling some of that text takes me to this file which has roughly the same text... But I'm not sure what that file is?
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Text version of this:
Great Britain Ministry of Information – Daily Press Notices and Bulletins (1942-05-26).

It has the document in a variety of formats, but not the audio, but it's a start.
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Oops, wrong date. but the whole collection of them starting is here, and you can select the year.
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Looking at the date, you may want to focus on BBC Home Service broadcasts. I'd especially focus around ones about Dunkirk, as 5-26-1940 was the initial day of the start of Project Dynamo. If you look at the file, they have a notice just after that "Allied forces still hold Calais", which was total BS.
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Oh and here's the correct date.
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