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Looking for an affordable hairstylist in Philly who can shave an undercut and cut mixed hair.

My best friend moved to Philly a few months ago and has yet to find a hair stylist that can work with her hair. She has mixed texture, some parts are more tightly coiled than others, and she has an undercut that she keeps short with occasional designs.
As of now, she goes to two different places to get her hair cut; one for the undercut and another for her normal haircuts. It seems like there must be somewhere in the city where she can find an affordable stylist who knows how to shave an undercut and cut mixed hair. Any suggestions would be oh so greatly appreciated.
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Katie at mirror and mantle
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I go to Mirror & Mantle as misantropicsarah mentioned and love it. I also recommend Volume at 18th & Chestnut which I went to for over 10 years. And I have gorgeous hair that I try not to disrespect with a bad cut :)
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I can't recommend Another Planet on South St. highly enough. Sci-Fi is the best barber / stylist I've ever met, her shop is fun and inclusive, the prices more than fair, and while its open to people of all races (e.g. my pale locks) her focus is on mixed and black hair and she's great with designs. Examples are on her website and Yelp.

You can even book appointments same-day online. Sci-Fi is ambitious, dedicated to the community, involved in the mural arts, and just one of my favorite parts of Philly. She's renovating the shop mostly herself to make it a beautiful gathering space and I'm very excited to see how it develops.
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