Any Buddhist Retreats Wk of Dec 26-31 w/in a 6-hr Drive of New Haven?
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Anyone know of any? I know it's a long shot but this is something I'd like to try. Doesn't have to be the whole week. Needs to accommodate beginners. Prefer something heavy on silent meditation. Thanks!
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The Village Zendo in New York has a year end retreat at the Garrison Institute, in Garrison, NY. You can go for a couple of days or for a full week. I went a few years ago, as a complete Zen beginner and loved it. If you want a silent retreat, this one is fantastic. Here's a link to their registration page:
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Lovely time of year to visit Vermont to meditate:
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Kripalu (in the Berkshires) hosts a lot of these types of retreats, but it seems like there aren't any that quite match your description during the week of 12/26–12/31. (There's a "Soothing Meditation Retreat" from 12/22–25 if your dates are flexible, though.)
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Dhamma Dhara has a course open to new and old students that intersects with that time window, but unfortunately it's full. It might be a location to keep in mind for future meditation courses, since it's only ~2h away from New Haven.
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