More stuff like ‘traffic cones of Japan’ and ‘Brooms of China’ please!
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I love collections of photos that document the ordinary parts of everyday life in other places, like traffic cones in Japan. I’m not really looking for art and cultural examples, like the masks of Mexico, but a collection of the baguette delivery boxes of Moorea would awesome. Please share similar web sites, instagram, anything else not requiring a log in that you enjoy!
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Bike crates of Amsterdam, perhaps?
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I have some Tokyo examples you might like.

路上園芸 (rojou engei, "roadside gardening") is one of my favourites. Japan has a lot of buildings that are built very close to the street, but people still tend gardens and greenery in the very narrow setbacks or even on the street. The 路上園芸 hashtag is fairly active, and this Twitter account (The Roadside Gardening Society, loosely translated) is a must follow. This great Flickr album of 路上園芸 is probably the place to start.

This photographer on Flickr is fantastic at documenting everyday aspects of Tokyo and very prolific, although she goes a bit overboard with the HDR sometimes. Here's an album with 355 photos of outdoor staircases that is more interesting than it has any right to be. They take a lot of shots of dense but peaceful residential neighbourhoods with small lots and narrow streets – one of those things that is common in Japan but not so much in the West.
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You know what's beautiful? Manhole cover designs.

I originally went looking for ones from North Carolina - no dedicated page for them, but GIS is revealing.

I did find pages for-
A selection from around the world

...and now I have to stop looking because work, but wow there are even more awesome manhole covers than I imagined! This is just the tip of the iceberg.
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More manhole covers. Even more. Also coal holes.

I don't suppose air sickness bags are really ordinary parts of everyday life, but I love that people collect them.

Doors of Rome are fun to browse.
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(Somewhat disturbing shots of) Russian playgrounds
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Soviet-era bus stops.
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Oh man. This thread came too soon. I've been doing my due diligence over the past week plotting out locations of the remaining PBR/Old Style/Blatz/Etc... tavern name signs that just about every bar in Wisconsin seemed to have had back in the 70s. But I haven't actually started photographing them yet.

Expect a reply to this thread in a few months.
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How about Couches of Portland?
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Stray cats of Jerusalem
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The Holotypic Occlupanid Research Group has a bunch of photos of bread bag clips.
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drainspotting, more elaborate japanese manhole covers.
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Coffee cup lids.
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(and associated sources)
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A lot to explore here.
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Ooh, baguette delivery boxes are a thing in France too, so someone ought to have collected a few of those. (I love this thread.)
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AFAR magazine does a spread like this in each issue.

Subway Stations
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Bollards of London
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Very belated but just saw this and thought of your post. Windows of Portugal:
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"Expect a reply to this thread in a few months."

As Promised
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