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I would like an email app for my Android phone where I can view both my yahoo and gmail emails in a non-threaded style. I am fine paying for it.

I do not like how gmail sorts my mail into categories. I do not like how the yahoo app and gmail both thread emails (I am forever losing track of emails because of threading.) Is there a good app I can buy to get my email on my phone that syncs with both my providers nicely and where I can at least set my preferences to non-thread/non-categorized?

I basically just want to see every email that comes in, in the order it came in, in one long scroll (like metafilter!)
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It's not perfect, but K-9 Mail supports mulitple accounts and has a feature called "Unified Inbox" where you can view all emails, and I don't even think it does threading. If you use folders in these accounts you can designate them to appear (or not) individually in the Unified Inbox.
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A partial answer. The last time I looked you could turn off both the categories and the threading in gmail.
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I use BlueMail to read multiple email accounts from my own email server email and Gmail, non-threaded like you describe, just a list of emails chronologically. As long as it has IMAP access, BlueMail can connect to it. It is free, but has a paid version; I just use free and it works OK. Edit: it too has the unified inbox where you can see the contents of all account inboxes at once chronologically.
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I'm using AquaMail. It has threading (which it calls "conversations") but you can turn the feature off. The combined inbox feature is called Smart Folder and you can configure it to show messages from any folders in multiple accounts, plus any messages you have starred and/or sent, for time periods ranging from a few minutes to all time.

The free version supports up to two accounts, which would cover your needs, but it does add an advertisement at the bottom of every sent mail. The unlock to remove the ad (and enable a few other features) is $10 but it's been on sale for $2.50 earlier this year. I imagine it might go on sale again soon for the holidays. But it's worth the $10.

It's a very flexible, customizable mail client with lots and lots of features that you probably didn't realize you wanted. And unlike some of the newer clients, it doesn't run all your mail through their server (like the Blue/Type/Nine clients do).
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Nine email is great and has tons of options. I think its the same original developer as blue email mentioned above. It gets active development and is worth every penny. You can use threaded or turn off, but still has native Gmail controls (like archive instead of delete etc).
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If you like the feature set of K-9, by the way, but find it looks a little dated, check out K-9 Material, or Kaiten, which is available in ad-supported and paid ($5) versions. The latter is by one of the original K-9 developers.
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Both the categories and the threading in Gmail are both options you can turn off. Let us know if you have trouble finding the settings. The threading is called "conversation view" and is under general settings. The different inboxes/categories will be under the settings for each account and you'll just need to uncheck the additional categories.
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What kind of Android phone do you have? If it's in the Samsung Galaxy family, the baked-in email app does this beautifully.
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I have a moto g5.
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Another vote for K9 mail.
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I've tried a bunch of these and settled on Boxer. I don't even remember why I ended up liking it -- I think it did a few tricks that K9 didn't, but I've been happily using it for years so it might be another one to try out.
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Ok thanks folks. I installed K9 and found it a little clunky so then switched to Aqua Mail. Setup was super fast and easy and I like the interface. I already switched to Pro. Thanks!
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