find this toy (transformer)!
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My 4 year old son has become transfixed on a particular toy he wants. Problem is, I can't find it. Can you?

While at the park a month or so ago, my son bumped into a friend with a transformer which he has decided he wants for christmas. Despite many distractions, he has remained steadfast that he wants this transformer, and only this transformer. Only problem is, I can't seem to google it.

It was a flying transformer of some kind, but one particular attribute that stands out is that it has multiple small plastic transparent flames sprouting out of various points. For all I know this was a knock off of transformers, but it looked reasonably genuine (based on my close to non-existent transformers knowledge) Help me please!
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Do you know if this is a current toy being sold? I ask because when he was four I bought my son some 80s vintage transformers from eBay. One is indeed a purple flying one with red flames. It's so complicated only one adult (not me) has ever been able to transform it. I'm sorry, I don't know what it's called and a google search didn't call up this model anyway.

I would try showing your child online pictures and see if he recognises it. Or if it helps, there is a web page called 'Identify your purple transformer.' Failing that, maybe ask the friend's mother?
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Ws it Megatron from the latest Transformers movie, The Last Knight? Transformer, turns into a jet, has transparent orange flames.
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Have you approached his friend's parents? Can you track them down?
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Nth’ing ask the parents if you have any ability to. I have asked, and been asked, and we all understand about a kid getting something stuck in his head.
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Could it have been a Bionicle like this fire guy? The packaging doesn't show it, but if you flip through the other product images you'll see if has a "backpack" with wings and flames and wings that look like flames.

Do you have any details about color, size, shape of the one your kid saw?
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The Transformers fandom is still pretty huge. If AskMe can't help you, you could try asking on this forum (warning: rumoured to be fairly toxic) or this subreddit. You could also use this tool, but there's... a lot to dig through. Good luck!
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If the friend was also 4, that means the Transformer is either a hand-me-down from an older sibling or a Rescue Bot. There is an orange flying Rescue Bot named Blades who comes in a few varieties, one having translucent colored parts that might get confused for flames.
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I'd highly recommend a Rescue Bot toy anyway for a 4 year old. I started buying my boys "real" Transformers at about 5 and they were so freaking complicated. The Rescue Bots are definitely more 4-year-old speed. (I mean, even if it's in addition to the one you're asking about.)
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Some possibilities:

Beast Hunters Voyager Class Predaking, converts to a winged dragon.

Protoform Starscream Fusion Cluster Edition. Converts to..uh, a meteor. This one is hard to find as it was a 2007 con exclusive for the Japanese market so it's unlikely it would end up in the hands of a pre-schooler.
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