Cox internet phone: how to record calls?
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We get our landline phone service from Cox as an internet based phone service. I'd like to record calls on this line. What is the best way of doing this?

The service from Cox is an internet based service, but in most respects it works like the old style copper wire landline it replaced--the cable from Cox runs into a (literally) black box, the phone line plugs into a different port on that same box, and out comes our dial tone.

I'm sure I could record calls using a regular microphone that physically attaches to the phone. This seems a little antiquated but might still be the best option. If so, is there a favorite product?

Possibly there's something that listens on the line itself, like a phone, except it records. Seems plausible.

What I'd really like is something that listens on the computer network and records a sound file for each conversation to one of our computers. I don't know if this is possible.

I imagine this is a solved problem--people work from home all the time and for some of you recording calls is mandatory. Looking for what "just works" here at the end of 2017
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Just FYI, if you're in Illinois, you need consent of all parties to record a conversation.
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The easiest way to do this is to subscribe to their CallManager service. Might be business-only in some markets and may require a switch to a VoIP phone, but I think you can click a button on the web interface even on lines using an eMTA.

I think it's $10-20/line rack rate in most Cox markets. If you've got a business account with a sales rep they can get you better terms.
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Thanks. I'd rather find something that doesn't tie me to Cox, but this may be the best option.

I live in a single party consent state for recording conversations. I assume this also applies to phone calls, but I'll double check that. I'll probably tell people I'm recording anyway.
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Then, assuming you're using an eMTA with a regular POTS phone, there are recorders that plug into the phone line itself. I'm not sure if any of them have a computer interface, though. Even if not you could dump a day's recordings to the computer over USB or whatever.

I've got zero clue about brands, though, sorry. :( I've also seen people mention models with a mic that goes between the earpiece and your ear and records your conversation. In years gone by I've seen them with suction cups that go on the back of the handset, also. Point being there are hardware options out there if that's your preference.

If you do have an IP phone or ATA laying around there are several virtual PBX providers you could port your number to that have call recording features, but then you're relying on the Internet to be working to make phone calls, not just the part between your modem and Cox.
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