Fancy schmancy breakfast for drunks
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I'm going on a ladies' weekend next week. We have a woman who doesn't eat red meat, and an egg allergy. I need a luxurious hangover type breakfast that doesn't have eggs! I'd intended to make an overnight type casserole (bread soaked in egg overnight, with ham and cheese) but that so doesn't work. She does eat turkey bacon. Any ideas? I'm a great cook but not experienced with the no egg thing.
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I have an egg intolerance. Potatoes, specifically hash browns, are my go-to. If you're not trying to cook from scratch, Trader Joe's has really good ones that are easy to make.

Biscuits and gravy are another great hangover breakfast. Traditionally it's pork sausage, but if that's too close to red meat, you can sub it out for turkey sausage and not lose anything.

I'm also a big fan of German-style breakfast. Lots of rolls, cold cuts (ham) and cheese, jelly, Nutella, yogurt, etc.
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How bad is the egg allergy? “Can’t eat it” bad, or “can’t be in the same room as it” bad?

If she’s ok around other people eating egg, how about breakfast burritos? People can put in or leave out whatever they don’t want. I have a carnivore husband and egg-hating vegetarian brother, and burritos have worked well for us in the past. Nobody feels like they are getting the “less than” option. Obviously keep utensils separate.

Failing that, I’d go down the luxury healthy route. Bircher muesli, fruit salads, fresh juices/smoothies, great bread for toasting, luxury jams and marmalades.
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Fruit parfaits
Sweet potato hash with caramelized onions (and turkey bacon!)
Smoked salmon platter with cucumber and cream cheese, etc.
Tofu quiche
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Fancy vegan options at You could also do a continental style breakfast, which includes the overnight casserole, and add home made granola, fresh fruit, vegan banana bread.

Also: bloody marys.
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I like the idea of the German-style breakfast kevinbelt mentioned. I was going to say - hardboiled eggs, yogurt, fruit, bread for toasting, butter, peanut butter, granola, a few pastries, etc. If you want to cook you could also have sausages and hashbrowns. Everyone can select what works for them.

Pizza would work too. Pizza is way underrated as a breakfast food. If your egg-allergic friend's allergy isn't prohibitive, those who want can put a fried egg on a slice of pizza.
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Potatoes make for great comforting, indulgent hangover food, too. You could do a hash of some sort (with eggs on top for those who want 'em, assuming the allergy isn't a not-even-in-the-same-room type), or a hash brown casserole thing, or roll-your-own breakfast burritos.

Mayyyyybe some fruit on the side for those who might feel better with something fresh. :)
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Fried chicken and waffles, assuming you can bring a waffle maker.
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Very hearty potato hash: sweet potatoes, small red potatoes, onions, mushrooms, red bell peppers. Liberal garlic and cumin. (Can you do cheese and egg on the side for those who want them?)
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Salmon hash is a good option. I always made mine by using frozen hash browns (the chunky ones), and onion, and a can of salmon fried up in a big electric skillet. Season with salt, pepper and dill.
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I really like Arepas for brunch. Great for hangovers. They're super easy to make --- P.A.N., pinch of salt, water, that's it --- you can make them ahead and freeze 'em if you're doing them for a crowd, and then you can just put some fixings in bowls and let people customise to their taste. Some scrambled eggs, black beans, cheese, avocado, chorizo, open up a jar of salsa --- could have on the table by the time the arepas are warm.
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Potato gratin (or otherwise with cheese and cream) just - from reading this thread - got onto the top of my list of things to try for a rich and decadent breakfast. It's a bit richer and more luxurious than the basic hash browns or even hash with other ingredients.
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My first thought was potatoes, but following up on the gratin idea, this root vegetable gratin is absurdly rich, super delicious, and very easy to prep in advance. I served it at Thanksgiving last year, and my mother just called me to ask for the recipe. It would make a great hangover breakfast, especially served with toast to sop up any extra sauce.
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If you want to go decandent and vegan, The Post Punk Kitchen has your back. I’d go for the potato breakfast nachos.
Cheese grits with sautéed vegetables is pretty hearty, and you could go with fried eggs on top for everyone who wants to partake.
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Just ask her what she’d be comfortable eating. She probably has the best idea of what she wants.
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Avocado and crumbled fetta or grilled halloumi on toast. Blinis with creme fraiche and smoked salmon or salmon roe.
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What about bagels and lox? If you can get good bagels where you are, and you present things elegantly — bagels in a basket with a piece of cloth like they're rolls, lox and onions and capers spread out nicely on a plate — it is luxurious as fuck.

Check the ingredient list if you're worried, but (other than egg bagels, obviously) bagels should be egg-free.
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Er, dangit, I missed the "hangover" part. I mean, it's plenty filling and nourishing, but it's not the traditional corner diner hangover food you might be looking for.
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Pancakes or a Dutch Baby, which is basically a large pancake baked in the oven. Fruit and maple syrup to go with it.
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i'm not fond of eggs, so potato or sweet potato hash with some black beans and some salsa and some cheese all rolled up in a tortilla is my go-to breakfast burrito and it's great! throw some green chile in there and it will definitely cure whatever might ail you.
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As long as you have sheet pans and parchment paper, it's easy to make big batches of nachos from pre-prepped ingredients. Make ahead a batch of chicken thighs with carnitas seasonings, thin out some vegetarian refried beans with water to make them more easily drop-able (or just use pintos and/or black beans), shredded cheese mix. Get some squeeze bottles and prep one with a mild green or ranchero or enchilada sauce to drizzle over before baking, and prep another with thinned sour cream or crema for drizzling at the table. On the table, offer avocado or guacamole, shredded lettuce or slaw mix, Tapatio or Cholula plus sriracha (some people's hangovers are more serious than others), lime wedges. And forks.

If you want them a little extra, first cook some tater tots or hash browns and hack them up to distribute with the chicken and beans. Or, go all the way and make totchos instead.
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Sweet and white potato home fries with onion and with turkey sausage. You can do them in the oven which makes them roasted potatoes, but who cares when they're hungover? Maybe do some with Tabasco on them, they are a good hangover remedy; certainly Tabasco should be on the table. Roast some tomatoes as well. Bloody Marys and Mimosas are recommended. I quite like pink (unsweetened) grapefruit juice and sparkling wine. If there are people who want eggs, a fried egg on top of home fries is really good. If you really want bread, garlic naan.

Breakfast burritos or tacos are also tasty and easy to customize. My ingredients are fresh spinach, salsa, (turkey)sausage, sweet potato, black beans, avocado, scrambled eggs as desired, maybe a little rice. I don't eat dairy, but most people like cheese and/or sour cream in burritos.
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This is a delicious egg-less casserole. Add in some green chilis with the cream cheese, and any sort of veggies you'd like. It's great hangover food.
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A fat slice of white toast, topped with Heinz baked beans, then with sautéed mushrooms, then with (good) cheddar cheese sauce. Delicious, total hangover-killer, and the egg fans can also get a poached egg on that mess. Grilled tomatoes are good on the side, too.

Perhaps a variation on eggs Sardou with mushrooms where the egg normally goes...?
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I have an egg intolerance, and I've adapted a Full English breakfast, just leaving out the eggs, and providing regular bacon and turkey bacon. I roast tomatoes, fry mushrooms, heat up baked beans, make hash browns of some sort (usually roast potatoes), make toast in keeping with any guests' food intolerances or dietary restrictions (gluten-free, vegan...), and make a big bowl of scrambled eggs for people who can eat 'em. Everyone serves themselves buffet-style and everyone ends up with a plate filled with their preferences. A Full English without eggs is still surprisingly filling and comfort food of the first order.
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