Cruelty free, organic, quality makeup... that makes a great gift?
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My sister has requested cruelty free makeup for Christmas, and I'm at a loss.... I know I can just google "cruelty free brands" but can you recommend a great one that is also organic, sustainable, maybe that donates to a good cause, etc? And even better - recommend a nice palate or collection from said brand, that would make a good Christmas gift?

I'd rather stay away from the big, well known brands. So even if it turns out Maybelline or Clinique or whatever ticks all those boxes, that won't work for me. I'd really like to find a small, woman owned company that is putting out lovely, organic makeup in a nice presentation. Maybe off etsy, or the like?
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Maybe Beauty Bakerie? Not knowing your price point and her style, BB seems more fun than buying Burt's Bees at the drugstore. There are some truly high-end eco-conscious brands, though.
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ELF says they are 100% cruelty free and donate a portion of proceeds to PETA. Their products are also very affordable and much loved by beauty bloggers.
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Kat Von D has some liquid lipsticks out now that benefit Farm Sanctuary (great organization!), but I'm not sure off the top of my head whether the brand ticks your organic/sustainable boxes.

This vegan makeup blog may be helpful for you, particularly this list of indie brands.
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OkayOkayIGive uses and highly recommends Besame Cosmetics . They are a small Boutique Cosmetics Company that is cruelty-free and vegan (not sure about organic however), and happens to be owned and run by a woman of color and her family. All of their products are formulated, mixed, and packaged in house.

They have a nice range of vintage and non-vintage palettes and just released a really neat line of Snow White-inspired lip sticks based upon the original palette and colors used in the film.
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RMS beauty is on the expensive side but it’s sort of a luxe natural brand so it might work well. You can read about them, their philosophy, ingredients, etc on their website and it’s sold at Sephora and Nordstrom too. I believe everything is cruelty free and most of it is organic, and it was founded by a woman. Their luminizers are a cult product that people love - I’ve swatched them in store and they seem nice, though I don’t own them myself.

Note that a lot of the products, including the luminizers, are coconut oil based though, so you might want to check if that’s ok for your sister - some people love coconut oil and some people break out from it.
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PETA has an online searchable database of cruelty free cosmetic companies. They also have a list of vegan companies that don't test on animals.
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Tarte cosmetics is cruelty free and I think has many vegan options. They also have ADORABLE Christmas packaging and packs.

I highly recommend their blush palettes. I got one last year and have been using it constantly which is rare for me as I'm fickle.

Available online and at Sephora.
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I just got the kitten palette from Winxy Lux. They're cruelty free, founded and run by a woman, but not charitable as far as I know. they're really playful and quirky, which definitely plays into it being "giftable".
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I don't know if this is too large of a company for you, but Lush has a line of makeup called Emotional Brilliance. I can recommend their mascara (made with wheatgrass and super conditioning and gentle on my sensitive eyes - my only gripe is the packaging is a bit small and requires some practice). I also LOVE their highlighter "Feeling Younger", and their cream eyeshadows are not bad either, though do crease at the end of a long day so I tend to use them for shorter special events. All cruelty free!
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Maybe some makeup brushes from Eco Tools? I find them to be good quality and I love their beauty sponges. Cruelty free, recycled materials, renewable bamboo handles, made a charitable donation.
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Seconding Besame. Their lipsticks are fantastic.

You might also find something at Credo, which carries natural and cruelty-free brands.
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Petit Vour offers a cruelty-free beauty box subscription for $15/month that a lot of my vegan friends are really into.
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So many great ideas here! I'm leaning towards Besame because I know she will love the recreation of historical colors, but please keep the suggestions coming!
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Vapour has the best formulations I’ve ever used. I especially love their cream blushes and the not at all sticky plumping lipglosses.
Alima Pure is mostly known for mineral makeup but I love their eyeliner and lip tints. PM me if you need help with color matching.
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Kosas! I am obsessed with everything they make.
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Oh, I should also mention independent makers from Etsy. There's a good chance you'll find something that hits all your criteria there!
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