39th birthday party ideas in Seattle
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I'll be in Seattle with 10-20 of my coworkers for my birthday. Party suggestions?

Here are the party parameters:
- It is Sunday evening in January
- We are looking for dinner and drinks/entertainment
- Dinner should be $50 USD for food + 1 drink as this is what we can expense. Party afterward will be on our own dime
- We are staying near the convention centre so we would want something within 5 mile radius or less for easy walk or car sharing
- Food should be tasty but not too fussy
- We will likely have at least one vegetarian in party
- For the party afterwards, we can lean towards dive bars, private kareoke, tiki bar, cabaret - basically anything walking the line between trashy fun and awesome
- We should be able to change the number of attendees fairly flexibly ... ie, if I reserve for 15 it should be ok if I bring a few more or less
- We can't be out too too late ... should be back at hotel by midnight.
- We will probably go for tipsy but not smashed
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My friends and I are extremely fond of Seven Stars Pepper Szechuan restaurant for this purpose. They can accommodate this number of people easily, and there are many vegetarian options.
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Also - it's on 12th and Jackson, in Little Saigon. It's accessible via rideshare from the Convention Center pretty easily. You can also get there by the Light Rail, but then you'd have to walk/bus/rideshare the remaining 8-9 blocks up, and part of that is uphill.
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The First Hill Line of the trolley has a stop of 12th and Jackson. You can take the downtown light rail to International District/Chinatown Station and hop on the trolley at 5th and Jackson, or 7 blocks walking; your call.
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Right near the Convention Center is Mamnoon: great food (I am not typically the most adventurous eater and didn't know much about Middle Eastern food but it is DELISH), has vegetarian options, and I think should be at about your price point. From there, you can walk just down the hill to Still Liquor. Great atmosphere, great drinks, great music. Doesn't accomplish your borderline-trashy vibe though! Not sure where that is in the area.
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Sadly, depending on the time of day, the Seattle First Hill Streetcar may not be an option. It stops running at 8pm on Sundays. However, if you can catch it, it is very pleasant to ride!

First Hill Streetcar.


Mondays – Saturdays

5 a.m. – 1 a.m.

Sundays and Holidays

10 a.m. – 8 p.m."
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I like Purple. I haven’t done a large group there, but it looks like they can accommodate it.
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If you want a fancier option, there is also Saffron Grill, a pretty high-end Indian/Mediterranean place that is outstanding. It has many, many vegetarian and vegan options, as well as meat ones, and endless refills of hot chai.

The space is pretty large, and they do take reservations. The downside is that they're out by Northgate Mall, and there isn't really anything else right by the restaurant, except for said mall. Nor is it really public transportation friendly. But if you're doing car shares anyway, it might be worth it.
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If you want private karaoke, the place to go is Rockbox. Mamnoon is good; so is Stateside, and both are on the way up the hill.
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