Advice on how to unlock an Ipad
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My father has a 2nd generation ipad mini that he cannot use because he has forgotten the password, and Apple customer support has been no assistance. Please help me help him use his device.

A few years ago I bought my dad (mid-80's, not very tech savvy any more, losing memory, etc.) an Ipad mini. I think it is a 2nd generation. Over the past year or so, he has forgotten his password. When trying to use apple customer service to get access to the ipad, they request his credit card number. It turns out that the credit card he used to set up the security of the ipad has since expired, and he has a new one with a different number. He has spent countless hours on the phone with Apple, and each call always ends up with the Apple people stating they will call him back, given him a reference number and he never hears from them. When he calls back he has to start a square one. I live in LA an he lives in MA. He made a rare visit to LA last year and I went with him to the Apple store, and again they put us on the phone with national support and we got the same run-around. As a result, my dad has not been able to use his ipad, it is now a $300 hockey puck. He doesn't have any information on it he wants to retrieve, he just wants to look at emails and maybe face book using the Ipad. I'm going to be in MA for a few days over the Thanksgiving holiday and I want to try again to help him get this Ipad working. How do I do this? Can I take it to an unauthorized repair place and have them unlock it? Forget Apple, they have been useless in this process. I would rather not have to replace the ipad, since it is still functional.
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He doesn't have any information on it he wants to retrieve, he just wants to look at emails and maybe face book using the Ipad.

If you don't need any data from the iPad, use Recovery Mode to erase the device, then set it up as a new device.
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Yeah, just wipe it and start over.
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Erase, set up as new, and then have him write down his password in a notebook that he won’t lose, and ideally give it to you too.

(Yes, Internet, I know notebooks aren’t a good or secure way to keep track of passwords. It really doesn’t sound like this person can handle using an encrypted password safe.)
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Note that you'll need to bring a computer with you to wipe the iPad.
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Are you talking about the password for the lock screen? After you wipe it, disable it in Settings. You don't have to use a password.
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If they are referencing the credit card tied to the account, it sounds more like a Find My Device lock, tied to his Apple ID. Per this link you will need to present proof of purchase to Apple for them to unlock it.
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A good password that’s written down is way more secure than a bad one that you can’t remember anyway.

You may have to unlock the iPad in order to wipe it though - bluloo is correct (it’s a protection against theft).
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