What is that behind Jim Morrison?
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I need help identifying an obscure, ancient-looking sculpture. A picture of it appears pinned to the inside of a door in a photo of Jim Morrison holding a gas mask. Here is the photo of Jim My interest is in the photo over his left shoulder. Try not to be distracted by the one over his right shoulder. If you crop out the item and turn it right-side up, you get this. So, all you classical history buffs, recognize the statue??

I couldn't figure how to post a picture here.... sorry for just the links.
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Best answer: Mourning Demeter.
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Response by poster: bless yu
I have been struggling with this. Where is there a place on here that explains that?

i hate this digression from the task at hand!
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Clearer photo here, more classically known as the Demeter of Knidos.
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Response by poster: Fantastic!!! Amazing this place! I have been coming here for five years, and am still amazed at the collective genius!
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swlabr writes "Where is there a place on here that explains that?"

Straight HTML is the original one true way of marking up stuff on the web. BBcode and it's relatives is a johnny come lately abomination of lazy admins. In otherwords you won't find the instructions to use HTML code anywhere here for the same reasons you don't see signs when your driving telling you which side of the road to use.
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Not to distract from the task at hand, but there are plenty of people who have no idea how to drive a manual transmission, and they're fine drivers anyways.
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This is how you do it:

[img src="http://site.com/exampleimage.jpg"]

Where you replace the brackets with < and> and fill in the part beween the quote marks with the URL of the image.
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I'd hate to restrict membership here to people who know how to code. Jeez.
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she is beautiful, thanks, headspace
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I never knew little Jim was such a goofy-looking youngster.
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