best apple cider donut recipe?
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i’ve been asked to bring a dessert to thanksgiving dinner this year, and i want to try to make apple cider donuts. the recipes from my usual sites have poor reviews, so i came here to see if anyone has a tried and true recipe for me?

i’m very comfortable in the kitchen, have plenty of gadgets, and am no stranger to donut-making. i usually prefer yeast donuts, but am open to cake ones too.

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The bon appetit recipe is fantastic.
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I haven't made these yet but I trust Deb at Smitten Kitchen implicitly when it comes to things like this.
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thanks! how could i forget to check smitten kitchen?
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Just FYI, I made the apple cider donuts from Smitten Kitchen a few days ago. They were absolutely delicious right out of the pan but less appealing the following morning - I wouldn’t say they’re a great make-ahead recipe.
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I made the Smitten Kitchen recipe several years ago, but I never tasted how they were the next day—instead, we fried up half of the batch and then ate them that evening, but froze the other half of the pre-cut dough and fried them up and ate them another day.
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