What's a good name for PDF rendering app with arXiv integration?
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I made an app that renders PDFs more readable on your phone. It also lets you browse the latest articles on the arXiv, specific to your field. This app has a very unusually / non-discoverable name, and so basically no users (according to iTunes Connect, Google Play stores. Except me, I think it's great!).

Could you suggest a name for the app? Thanks!
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I get no hits searching "arxiv' or "arXiv" on the Apple Appstore. "arXiv Explorer"? Perhaps write to the arXiv maintainers and ask if they'd mind? Certainly handy to you if they tell others about it.
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Those are all crappy but might get the ball rolling. My best one:

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I think SaltySalticid has the right name, and you should spell it either ArXiVuPDF or PDF ArXiVu
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Along the same lines, (PDF) ArXivist?

(By the way, what's the current name? I would like to use your app!)
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[I want it too! I think it must be Xandr (android) (iOS)]
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Thank you for revving up your engines MeFi! I will confirm xueexueg's guess. Issues I have grappled with in the naming:

1) The Bar Test -- the name needs to be immediately communicable in a bar. So current name fails pretty badly.
2) The arXiv team is very protective of their mandate, and so I'm not so sure about attempts to explicitly use the name (not everyone will know the X=chi trick, either)
3) Is PDF copyrighted or a protected phrase?

Otherwise, I think a lot of these are usable. I guess people favor the name reflecting the function pretty directly, like these?
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"Chive" something.

Chive Viewer
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Judging from the number of apps with "PDF" in their names, I don't think there's any barrier to using that in the name.

Another word that approximates what the (very nice/handy!) reformatting does is "reflow", and that might be a useful part of the name: "PDF Reflow" or the like. "Reflow Science"? "Flow Science" idk.
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ArXiologist PDF viewer.
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Does it need to be clever? It already shows up in the Google play store if I search for arxiv. The current name doesn't tell me anything about it (and reminds me of xrandr on Linux, which is confusing). Why not call it something like "PDF Reflow and Arxiv Explorer" - I'll know exactly what it is when it shows up on the list of results instead of having to click through, which I probably won't bother doing.
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