What's an effective feminist organization for holiday donations?
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Last year I asked people to donate to the ACLU in my name as my gift. I'd like to do the same this year, but I want to add a feminist organization (for obvious reasons). I'm looking for something that will use money effectively to get women elected to office and/or end harassment. Basically, a respectable way to smash the patriarchy. (I thought of NOW, but I don't know if they've gotten top-heavy and ineffective like so many long-lived organizations.) Thanks!
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EMILY's List is the gold standard of orgs that get women elected to office. They are very effective. I wouldn't give to NOW unless you happen to know your state chapter is effective.
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Came here to say Emily's List, now here to +1.
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The Planned Parenthood Action Fund promotes candidates who support reproductive rights, in addition to other activism. I can't speak to their effectiveness, I've just run across the website in the past.
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I like the National Women's Law Center. They do litigation and advocacy around Title Nine, reproductive rights, equal pay, child care. They work alone and in collaboration and have done good work with regard to girls of color and disproportionate school punishments
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Running Start offers political leadership and campaigning trainings and workshops for girls and young women to encourage and empower them to run for office (disclaimer-ish: I'm friends/used to work with one of the staff members, which is part of why I trust their work).
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OK, I guess I'm going with Emily's List, so I've marked that as best answer. Thanks, all!
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You've made your choice, but in the future, also consider Emerge, which focuses on training Democratic women to run for office in the first time. You can give to the national group, or one of many state affiliates.
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Well, I'll almost certainly be doing this again next year, and I'm guessing this thread will be useful to others as well, so feel free to add suggestions!
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