"Morning Coffee" Firefox Extension - May it rest in peace! Argh!
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Until this morning, I used the Morning Coffee firefox extension heavily. You click the button on your toolbar, and all of today's websites load as tabs (different days of the week can be customized). Now that Firefox Quantum is upon us, it doesn't work, and I'd like to switch to Chrome I guess anyway (I should right?). How do I replace this?

It seems there are two possible morning coffee-like extensions for Chrome, but they're both pretty clunky. One ("Morning Coffee") doesn't let you choose which day of the week to open a website. The other, ("Morning Espresso") does let you do that, but it's clunky, uses 8 bit-looking graphics, and is generally ugly. Makes me doubt it will be around long.

So, are there any other extensions that I could search for that basically do the same thing? Or if not, what are my other options? I guess I could make folders in my bookmarks menu called "Everyday", "Monday", (etc), and manually do "Open all Bookmarks". It wouldn't kill me, even though it involves (gasp!) change. But is there anything better?
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Slightly-related answer: you can bookmark sets of tabs in Firefox so that, with one click, you get all those tabs to pop open. I use it for bookmarking sets of references so that I can switch roles (tasks) with one click.
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The Wikipedia page offers Loadr as an option, but it was last updated two years ago. Here's a Reddit thread with the same question, no useful answer. FWIW Morning Coffee itself wasn't updated for three years.

I use a Bookmark folder for this and do it manually.

To your parenthetical; there's no particular reason to switch to Chrome right now. If anything, Firefox Quantum is the new hotness that people are switching to. But there's a definite problem with old addons not being updated.
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You can also download the previous older version of firefox, and then disable automatic updates. Your old extensions should then work.
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Another option is Waterfox, a browser that has marched in lockstep with Firefox but now will part ways at the version 57 crossroads.
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rather than download an older Firefox that's insecure, download the extended service release which is based on an earlier version (52) but still gets security upgrades (and will until this summer).
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Use the nifty OneTab extension. It creates a web page from all your open tabs. Save this to disk, then set it as your home page, and set "When Firefox starts open your home page."

OneTab is available for Chrome and Firefox, so you don't have to choose.
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I agree with introp and Nelson that the best and easiest way to solve this is replacing the extension with bookmark folders, perhaps pinning them to the bookmarks toolbar for easy access.

If this particular extension not working is the only thing bothering you about the upgrade, it's really not worth the effort of downgrading to ESR and missing out on the many improvements in Quantum.
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I know it's far from a foregone conclusion that all extensions will be updated for the Quantum engine, but it may be worth waiting a bit to see if Morning Coffee is. I wouldn't switch to Chrome. Version 57 really is measurably better both than Chrome and FF56.
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You can open a batch file, as I do, first thing in the morning, which opens whichever browser or browsers you like and opens tabs with the desired websites. For some sites, you can also have the batch file log on for you. I use only one, but you could have different batch files for different days of the week.
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See if Morning Coffee Quantum is to your liking.
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