Health insurance in Mawlamyine
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My mom took a teaching job in Mawlamyine, awesome! She needs health insurance, less awesome. How can I help her from across the globe?

She took the job in Myanmar pretty quickly and didn't have time to figure out the whole insurance thing before she left. Things have been ok so far, but she already made the painful mistake of drinking non bottled water. After a long evening of gastrointestinal distress she is feeling better and is focused on getting her health insurance sorted out. What are good, ideally not expensive, global health plans for us to look at?
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The State Department lists some international health insurance providers.

If your mother hasn't found a doctor/clinic/hospital to go to, International SOS is a good place to start. They have clinics in many countries, including Myanmar:

"Our clinic offers full out-patient and emergency services for members and visitors in Myanmar, delivered by a professional team of expatriate and national medical specialists."

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Assuming your mom is a U.S. citizen since it looks like your other questions are US-based...I have used International Medical Group, Inc. (which is on the list linked by the State Department) although I've never really used it, so I can't vouch for how good it actually is. (I had a really high deductible plan and a handful of really super minor medical expenses over several years that it didn't seem worth bothering with the paperwork over.)
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