Voice Memo App for Android?
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I want an app like the voice memo app on the iphone for android so I can record stuff.

I am happy to pay as long as it's reasonable and meets my requirements:

1. Simple, ad-free interface
2. Will continue to record in the absence of sound once I start it
3. No limits on how long I can record (limited only by capacity)
4. Easy to pause and go back or forward in small increments (so not restricted to 30 second time jumps)
5. Continues recording with screen off

Right now I use the video feature on the camera but I don't want video, only audio and it drains more battery that way. I also am not interested in a dedicated recorder, I want a phone app. I analyze the samples directly from my phone and don't upload them to the computer or anything before I delete them.
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There are lots of options, but I love Titanium Voice Recorder and have used it for a couple years. An in-app purchase will make the ads go away.

It allows you to record in different formats, neatly lists recordings, can be set to start with a shake. It's super handy and I've had zero issues with it.
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I've used Smart Voice Recorder, and I think it does all that, but I'm an infrequent user.
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