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How do I keep a responsive web page from sliding around horizontally on mobile devices?

Here's the draft page. If you look at it on your phone you'll see what I mean. On a computer, big or small, it stays put horizontally. On a phone, if you touch or swipe left or right, it slides around. How do I pin the page to the device width, and still allow for people to enlarge the text if they want? Needless to say, this is a template someone else made that I've been tweaking -- I didn't make it myself.

I got a notification that I'm "in danger of being banned from asking questions" at Stack Overflow -- sheesh! So please don't suggest I ask over there. Thanks, you nice people, for any suggestions!
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overflow-x: hidden;

Something is causing the page to be too wide. I've run into it a few times; one of those seemed to be a legitimate iphone bug. You'll have to figure out what element it will need to go on, but probably one of the outer containers.

I did not look at your page, and it's been a few years since I've done any "real" coding, so take with a grain of salt.

That being said, overflow-x:hidden should work. ;)
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You need to start by fixing all the broken calls to several style sheets:





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I also haven’t looked at your code (typing this on my phone), so this is a (poorly-educated) guess, but: could it be that somewhere in your CSS the min-width of one of your containers is set to be larger than the tablet / phone viewport size?
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Found it and fixed it! Thanks all, especially [insert clever name here]!
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