Where to get facsimile maps?
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I am interested in building a collection of historic facsimile maps, ideally full-scale and in color. Do you have any suggestions about where to buy these? I have heard that sometimes a facsimile map will be included along with a book about the map. Do you know what publishers do this regularly? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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I just did a search for historic map reproductions and found this.
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This looks good too. I think the word you want if you do some more searching is reproduction, not facsimile.
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I don't know where you are, but map stores still seem to exist, so you may want to just take a look nearby to see if you have any you can visit in person. I haven't been to one in a long time, but if you like maps, they can be pretty great.

Also check out the Library of Congress. You can have a lot of their material custom printed, or you can download and print it yourself.

Map Collections
Duplication Services
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