Best Inspiring Movies About Middle-Age/Midlife Crisis/50 and Now What?
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Discovering that I'm not exactly dealing with turning 50 in April in the most harmonious fashion. Looking for movies featuring characters facing midlife with lingering doubts/questions, but are inspired to move ahead anyway. Nothing major here - just a hideous combination of political despair, existential angst, and I'm in need of a cinematic pat on the back as 2018 approaches.

Big fan of ensemble cast films, indies, with great dialogue and a minimum of Hollywood tinsel.
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Life as a House does this, but the character also has a terminal disease (I'm not giving much away, he finds out pretty early in the movie). On the one hand, this might be a little heavier than you wanted; on the other hand, it might give you an excellent "and I thought I had problems!" moment.
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Sounds like "While We're Young" might fit the bill.
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The Big Chill was sort of made for this, though it's more 30's-issues than 50's-issues.
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Fried Green Tomatoes
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It's Complicated made me laugh really hard. It might not be exactly what you're looking at but it's about facing up to ageing and has a fantastic ensemble cast. And First Wives Club is a great ensemble cast looking at the different way ageing is seen for men and women.
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I am also turning 50 around then, and "About Schmidt" tickles my midlife bone, though it's not completely on point.

I think this is probably an underserved genre without involving divorce, drugs, job troubles, coming out, or whatever age-irrelevant change provides the vehicle for protagonists being midlife.
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I'm 48 and I wish there were more films in this genre. Maybe youngsters don't want to see our sagging bodies on screen lol. The closest thing I can think to what you are looking for that I genuinely loved was Enough Said with James Gandolfini and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. About midlife, not so much about neurotic midlife crises, more about dealing with what life has given you.
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Boyhood was principally concerned with, well, boyhood, but I found it equally moving following Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke as they navigated their respective midlives.
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Middle Aged Crazy is a great one although the protagonist is freaking out at turning 40. Stars Bruce Dern.
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This isn't about midlife, but it's a movie that definitely dealt with some of the same issues. After Life is a Japanese movie about how when people die they get a week to choose the memory of their life that they keep forever. I haven't watched it recently, but in my 30s I certainly found it inspiring, and something about your post tells me you might like it.
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I don't know if it's "best" but Brad's Status came out a couple of months ago.

Shirley Valentine, Under the Tuscan Sun, City Slickers, How Stella Got Her Groove Back -- same caveat.
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I now know two things:

1. I'm a Mefite, and
2. I've seen 99 percent of these rec's.

Please keep 'em coming. Loving this thread, and YES, there needs more representation of midlife confusion that doesn't center around Big Sexuality Switcheroo, Job Loss, Drugs Are Destroying My Fading Youth, etc.

I need a movie that doesn't give big drama to major life changes, but instead is about the disconnect I'm feeling about leaving my youth and not feeling like the world makes any more sense now than it did 30 years ago. I'm not Will Ferrell in Old School, but more like Bill Murray in Lost in Translation, only everyone is still speaking English and it's 21st century NYC.
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maybe a longshot, but the protagonist in 'stranger than fiction' discovers he may die A Lot sooner than he expected. there is an accounting, and he starts living his life authentically. not a specifically 'midlife' film.
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Lisa Cholodenko's The Kids are All Right does this, and on a deeper note, so does her earlier film High Art..
Come to think of it, so does her mini-series Olive Kitteridge. Huh!
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I really liked the German movie Schultze Gets the Blues. The title character retires and ends up basically abandoning polka for zydeco and Cajun music and then traveling in the US on a sort of musical quest.

Great idea for a thread!
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Oh! You have to watch (or re-watch) the 1950 film All About Eve. Bette Davis's mood is exactly right, 67 years later...
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Emphatic seconding of Fried Green Tomatoes-SERIOUSLY.

It's not a mid-life crisis movie per se, but I really enjoyed the Mike Leigh movie Happy Go Lucky as a very different movie experience that just gave me a very low key but good feeling about life.
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Rohmer’s Autumn Tale. (Also, not a movie, but the philosophy podcast Hi-Phi Nation had an interesting episode on mid-life perspectives.)
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Maybe also Educating Rita
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The character is younger, but: Marty
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