Upwork alternatives?
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Hi AskMe! :) Related to my previous question, I'm trying to offer myself as a freelance accessibility tester to folks who might not be in the market for a larger company. Upwork seems like a decent place to do this, but has… let's just say a variety of accessibility issues itself. I can't even get an account created there yet, so am looking for alternatives.

I'd appreciate support for profiles of some kind, as well as ideally a mechanism to handle disputes if they should arise. Secure payments are definitely nice to have as well, but if needs must I could probably arrange for that via Paypal or something. I'd hope fees wouldn' be too murderous, I don't feel I can get away with charging in the triple digits per hour.
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Have you considered reaching out directly to digital agencies? They might be able to subcontract to you on digital products that have accessibility audit pieces.
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Thanks to Alensin for asking this question that's been on the tip of my keyboard for a couple weeks, so if I may piggyback on this I'd like to add: so then how do you find agencies? There are design agencies, freelancers who team up and call themselves agencies, Robert Half-type staffing conglomerates, and so on.

It may seem obvious, but to people who are a bit more unmoored it can be difficult to understand the landscape without guidance.

For what it's worth, those on Reddit's /r/freelance will often bounce to Freelance.com/Elance, but even they have their issues, such that the ultimate advice is to network and hang out your own shingle, but that just brings us full circle. I think TopTal is trying not to be the bottom of the barrel, but I've heard mixed reviews, particular with regard for their qualification process.
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Have you tried Hubstaff Talent?
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Thanks for the suggestions so far. Hubstaff Talent looks interesting, but also has its own accessibility issues. I'm definitely noticing a trend, my work is harder to find not exclusively because of my qualifications but because the places to look have their own access issues. THere's an irony in that somewhere.

I'd love more general advice on how to find agencies, as rhizome asks too. Perhaps a topic for a separate question :)
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