The Crocodile, Seattle, 11/19
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My teenage daughter wants to see a show at the Crocodile in Seattle on 11/19, a Sunday night. We live 3 hours away, and I don't want to drive home afterwards. Lodging, parking questions below.

1. What is parking like at the Crocodile? Will I be able to park? Will it be safe to walk to my vehicle afterwards, at 11:00 at night? Should I plan on using Uber instead? (Mom and daughter.)

2. Affordable hotel not too far away? Safe, but not too expensive?

3. Other suggestions?
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I've stayed at the Maxwell hotel, it's affordable, safe and has nice rooms. It would be a quick Uber/Lyft ride away. The same hotel group has the Hotel Five, which would be closer and also looks good.

Parking by the Crocodile is mostly street parking and some paid lots. I would just take a ride share to avoid having to navigate the one way streets.
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The Moore Hotel is just a couple of blocks away. Hotels in downtown Seattle are expensive. The Moore is kinda old fashioned, but it's one of the only places I've found in my price range. There's a large parking structure just around the corner at 3rd and Stewart.
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Street parking is free on Sundays, which means people park all day on the available street parking. You'd do better to Uber from a hotel.

If you choose the aforementioned Maxwell, you can take the Seattle Monorail, which starts about 6 blocks from the hotel and ends about 5 blocks from the venue, with no stops in between. Monorail will be closed after the show, but I think it's about the same price as the bus. The Croc is between 2nd and 3rd Ave, and 3rd Avenue has a bus line that'll take you to 1st Ave N and Mercer St., about 4 blocks (safe area) from the Maxwell. Bus is $2.50 on Sundays for each of you, and the bus in question, the D-Rapidride, runs all night, though the frequency obviously drops down in the midnight hour.Other buses such as the 2 and the 13 will take you to the same place.

I just checked, and the Maxwell and Moore will run about the same, unless you want to share a bed and have a bathroom down the hall. The Maxwell, by the way, also has very easy (not to say traffic-free) access to and from I-5, since it's 1 block away from Mercer St., the artery through that part of Seattle Center.

If you're coming from the east, take Interstate 90 across the lake, rather than SR520, which has a toll that's pretty expensive if you don't -- and I presume you don't -- have a scannable Good2Go pass on your windshield. Plus, getting to 520 on your way out is a bit of a scramble: you enter from the left and have 1 mile (or about 1 minute) to get across 5 lanes to the right. Pro-tip: signal, and don't expect others to do so.
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ooh! Dhani Harrison should be a great show! I used to work right near Crocodile (in the 'Darth Vader' building at 2101 4th Ave -- it has a huge red popsicle sculpture out front that I highly recommend checking out) and based on my experience with the area:

1. Street parking and lots or garages is all the parking there is. Parking itself is always tough in downtown Seattle, but on a weekend, it will be virtually impossible --especially if there's a game. While it'd probably be fine/fairly safe to walk around in Belltown, personally I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving my car parked there at night. There's some bars/cubs and a legal weed store right near Crocodile, so it's a pretty high traffic area. There's a lots of transient people and non-sober people who will try to engage with you (or so was my experience walking to work everyday). I highly recommend Uber or Lyft to save yourself any grief/trouble.

2. There's tons of hotels in the area -- what is "too expensive" for you? For under $120 there's Warwick (which is 3 blocks from Crocodile), Hotel Max (about 7 blocks away), Marriott and Hyatt Place. These are all pretty nice hotels for the price -- they're also quite popular and seem safe. You could also consider parking outside the city (at one of the Park and Rides) and taking the light rail in. You could get off at Westlake Station, which is about 8 blocks from Crocodile. The light rail runs until 1 am or so and is no more than $3.25/one way ($1.50 for anyone under 18).

3. Crocodile itself is a really fun place -- super friendly bouncers and bartenders IME -- but the area around Crocodile (Belltown) can be pretty rough at night. Just be mindful of that and you'll be ok.

I hope you both have a great time at the show!
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