Shit in ice cream
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I remember this bit of stand up comedy which was about how much literal shit are you willing to have in your ice cam for you to lick it. It was of course a metaphor for the tolerance of racism / white power, etc. And I can't find it anymore. I thought it was Hari Kondabolu, but I can't find it. I definitely saw it lineked in metafilter several times. Does this ring a bell for anyone?
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it's w. kamau bell but i can't find an available video to link you, sorry.
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the now-defunct listing for it on youtube is "W Kamau Bell on Muslims, The Tea Party, & Milkshakes"
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Are you maybe thinking of mefite KathrynT's beloved comment about poop in a milkshake as a metaphor for harassment in relationships?
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the comment is identical to the video.
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Yes! That's it, thanks poffin boffin. The video is still there if you google it. And now I'm kind of surprised how it stuck with me because in the actual video it's basically 10 seconds and said almost as in passing, for emphasis. Whereas I've used it often make a point like KathrynT. I had merely forgotten the source.
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Link to video... for posteriority?
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