Trying not to channel flannel
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Help me find a very specific out-of-season bathrobe.

I need a very specific bathrobe as a gift for this holiday season, that I can't seem to find (even on eBay) as it is out of season. It must be a men's light-weight seersucker bathrobe in a light blue striped pattern with a conventional tie around the waste and pockets, if possible.

Mr Toddles had one from Ralph Lauren from long ago and it finally gave out - I promised a replacement...but alas, all I see is flannel, flannel, flannel!!

Note, I've found variations on this theme (solid light blue robe with seersucker fabric, for example - but I'm being picky), and I've already looked at the sale sections of typical places thinking that they might be selling out-of-season items there, but alas - nothing!
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Maybe this?
posted by charmcityblues at 7:05 PM on November 15, 2017

There’s this, which is a darker blue than the usual.
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This seersucker one one from the Vermont Country Store has a belt and pockets adn says it's Navy, but to my eyes looks more greyish.

This Piere Cardin one (also on eBay) seems closer to the shade you want.
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What about this? It doesn't say seersucker but it sure looks seersucker.
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This is making me nuts. I have this robe! It's the best. I can't imagine this is a thing you can't get but I've been poking around everywhere and not seeing it. Closest I found was this vintage one on Etsy which is a decent price but also has frippery you might not want. Will keep looking!
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Soft, Lightweight Traditional Seersucker Robe (at a big & tall men's shop, but in a multitude of sizes)
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